Dr. Gerckens pastilles
Dr. Gerckens Pastilles

DR GERCKENS'™ – Pastilles for your throat and voice

Pleasant and soothing for throat and voice – Longstanding tradition – Tried and trusted. Since 1923

Special recipe according to Dr. Gerckens™.

  • Soothing for irritated mucous membranes mouth and throat
  • Gluten free
  • Without aspartame
  • Without animal gelatin


Since 1923, Dr. Gerckens’™ pastilles have been produced with great care and craftsmanship. Tradition and high quality of ingredients are of great value for us.

The original recipe of the pastilles dates back to 1850 and has been continuously developed without losing sight of the original beneficial effect. Still today they are made from high quality materials and are manufactured in a complex production process.

However, today Dr. Gerckens’™ pastilles no longer contain gluten, lactose, sugar or gelatin. The gum arabic, which is made from African acacia trees of the type Acacia senegalis, replaces the usual edible jelly, so that the Dr. Gerckens’™ pastilles are also suitable for vegans.

With the use of special, high-quality ingredients, the pastilles are effective against hoarseness, loss of voice and dry mouth. The delicate taste of black currant makes each pastille a pleasure.




Benefits of black currant:

  • Contains 3x as much vitamin C as lemons.
  • Supports the immune system
  • Due to the potassium, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Due to the anthocyanins, cell-damaging substances can be blocked.

Benefits of vegetable glycerin:

  • Is a polyhydric alcohol and known for more than 200 years
  • Has moisturizing and softening properties
  • Soothes irritated mucous membranes in mouth and throat

Benefits of gum arabic:

  • pure vegetable
  • certified organic
  • Is obtained from the African acacia tree “acacia senegalis”
  • High fiber content contributes to high fiber enrichment
Dr. Gerckens pastilles


Sugar free pastilles made from acacia juice with black currant flavour. With a special recipe according to Dr. Gerckens.

  • Without gluten
  • Without aspartame
  • without animal gelatin

Ingredients: Gelling agent: arabic gum; sweeteners (44,6%): sorbitol syrup and maltitol syrup; acidifying agent: citric acid; flavour (2,64%): blackcurrant (flavour and concentrated juice); humectant: glycerin (0,8%); thickening agent: agar agar; coating agent: vegetable oil and carnaubawax; sweeteners (0,1%): sucralose and stevia extract (Stevia Rebaudiana) stévia (Stevia Rebaudiana)

Nutritional values: 100g of product contain: energy 884 KJ (214 Kcal), total fat 0,2g, saturated fat acids < 0,1g, total carbohydrate 58,6g, of which sugars 0,1 g, of which polyhydric alcohols (polyols) 56g, dietary fiber 31,9g, protein 1,1g, salt < 0,1 g

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effects.

Dr. Gerckens Pastilles


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