A successful merging of old and new

Lemon Pharma is a young and innovative company specialised in the development, preparation and distribution of products for the health market. The company, founded in 2003 and located in Düsseldorf, distributes its products throughout Europe exclusively via pharmacies.

Our main concern is to integrate insight and experience arising from the study of nature into innovative products that are quick and easy to use in daily life. People, and their health and well-being, are the focal point of our work. In our holistic approach, we perceive the individual and his or her health as a complex structure in which every element is important. Mental and physical well-being are closely inter-related and have an influence on each other. And there are times when a single minor element can make the whole structure unstable – this is what we would like to counteract with our products.

Lemon Pharma has succeeded in bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, between natural medicine and modern, user-friendly products.