Curcumin – A natural phenomenon

Lemon Pharma offers a new product range of nutritional supplements made of curcumin 95 (active agent of Curcuma), which has been in the center of active research in the past years and proven several interesting virtues.

Curcuma is a plant from South Asia, predominantly cultivated in India, but also in China, Japan, Burma and some African countries. The plant is known as a spice in curry worldwide. Yet, its virtues go far beyond being a simple, very yellow, spice.

Our CUMACURE® extract contains 95 per cent, the highest possible intensity, of the natural agents of the tumeric root, the secondary plant products curcuminoids.

The CUMACURE® capsules by Lemon Pharma are made of a careful composition of curcumin and bioperine (black pepper extract) which increases the bioavailability of curcumin manifold and thereby ensures an effective curcumin product.

Discover the Lemon Pharma innovation CUMACURE®.