MATCHA – Elixir of life

Originally the evergreen tea plant, Camellia sinensis (MATCHA), with all its varieties including its use has its roots in China. In the 12th century, knowledge about the green tea reached Japan: A Zen master also imported the preparation of Matcha tea from powder to Japan. In a book he wrote about tea, he described it as the “elixir of life”. To this day, the correct conduct of a traditional tea ceremony in Japan is a sign of education and cultivated way of life.

Matcha leaves offer a powerful nutritional profile of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in a way no other green tea can provide. 10 cups of normal green tea would have to be drunk to achieve the effect of one single cup of Matcha.

Lemon Pharma has succeeded in translating these advantages of Matcha into its innovative SO’MATCHA product range. With certified organic SO’MATCHA pastilles, SO’MATCHA shape capsules and a SO’Matcha energy drink as well as other products such as SO’MATCHA Mints, SO’MATCHA chewing gums and, for the first time, a SO’MATCHA lollipop, Matcha’s traditional use is turned into modern products for daily consumption.

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