Ginjer Drops

Organic Ginger Extract


The ginger extract employed by Lemon Pharma is produced in certified organic farming. This guarantees a product without undesirable fertilizers or pesticides. A very innovative specialized procedure - high pressure extraction with natural gas from the spring - avoids solvent residues and traces of inorganic salts or heavy metals. The result is a particularly high-quality extract which conserves the characteristic ginger spices

Gingerol (21.6%)

and Shogaol (2.9%)

in high concentration.

These precious components usually get lost, when ginger is prepared in the classical way, for example as a tea (boiling up the ginger root). 

GINJER FORTE combines distilled water, vegetarian organic glycerine and organic ginger root extract of highest quality - that makes these drops by Lemon Pharma unique in quality and application.



  • pleasant for stomach and intestines
  • as a digestif after eating
  • for well-being on travels
  • warmth from inside
  • for the ginger feeling



  • certified organic ginger extract (*DE-ÖKO-006)
  • organic glycerine of vegetable origin
  • organic soya lecithin
  • halal and kosher
  • free from lactose and gluten
  • free from alcohol


Recommended consumption: 1-2 times per day 3 drops with water or juice. When mixing, put the ginjer drops first and then fill up with water. This ensures a perfect dissolution of the drops. 

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