Ginjer Pastille

Ginger pastille made from acacia gum (Gum Arabic) with orange flavour.

The soft pastilles consist of natural acacia gum. Due to its high proportion of dietary fibre the acacia gum has a positive influence on a healthy intestinal flora, which in turn influences the wellbeing of the entire body. Acacia gum also binds the active substances and flavours of ginger and ensures a lasting taste experience and a slow and continuous release of ginger.

  • certified organic (*FR-BIO-01)
  • produced in manufacturing 
  • with acacia gum
  • long-lasting taste experience
  • ginger effect for mouth and throat


Ingredients: organic acacia gum, organic sugar, organic wheat based glucose syrup, organic ginger extract, ginger flavour, orange flavour.


Contains: 40g (ca. 34 pastilles)


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