Fast relief when you are on the go

The Lemon Pharma Bach Flower products contain combinations of essences according to the established recipes of Edward Bach. In addition the successful emergency remedy (NO.39®), Lemon Pharma offers three new remedies, which enhances energy, concentration and self- confidence. These mixtures are available as pastilles and chewing-gums.


The whole range of Bach Flower remedies, emergency, energy, concentration and self-confidence, is supplemented by additional vitamins and trace elements.


With the brand „soother“ Lemon Pharma also offers Bach Flower pastilles especially suitable for children.


The process by which the remedies are prepared is very complex, highly specific, and handles the ingredients with great care, thereby optimally retaining the medicinal properties of the Bach flower. With Bach Flower Chewing Gum, Lemon Pharma has succeeded in harmoniously combining the active energy of the Bach Flower Remedies with the need for quick and easy use in daily life.


With Bach Flower Chewing Gum, the flower remedies are readily available at any time: at home, on the road, at work, in the car, in a plane ... Wherever you are, our Bach Flower Chewing Gum is there to give you fast, discreet relief.

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