For challenging moments in everyday life

The NO.39® line is Lemon Pharma’s new and innovative product range, developed in close cooperation with an expert team of longstanding experience.

Seven products are on offer, five of which are of certified organic quality. The remaining two are specially developed for easy and convenient use in daily life.


Organic Quality

  • Liquid Drops
  • Liquid Spray
  • Globulix Pearls
  • Liquid Spray- Peaceful Night
  • Globuli Pearls- Peaceful Night



Special Products 

  • Liquid Pearls
  • Fluid Cream


Organic by conviction

Sunlight, water, air and earth are the natural progenitors of the plant life that provides us with essential nutrients. When we treat nature responsibly and respectfully, it rewards us with inexhaustible productivity, purity and abundance; this is the guiding philosophy in our production of organic products. Moreover, we use traditional manufacturing methods in order to preserve the natural efficacy of the plants. The EU Organic Logo guarantees that the plants are sustainably and organically cultivated.   

NO.39® – Peaceful Night

When we have difficulty falling or remaining asleep, not only do we feel unwell during the night but we are also unbalanced and less productive during the day. Often, it is difficult to unwind after a stressful day. Our thoughts go around in circles, we feel restless and this prevents us from falling asleep and/or sleeping through the night.

Peaceful Night Spray and Globulix Pearls contain an innovative preparation complemented by the White Chestnut flower essence, aiding you to relax into calm and refreshing sleep. While the Peaceful Night products draw on the traditional recipes of Edward Bach, it is the first time that all plants’ ingredients are organically cultivated.

Careful farming and manufacturing methods ensure that the characteristics and the benefits of the plants are faithfully preserved    

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