Bad days can turn into good days

No two days are the same. Sometimes our mental and physical well-being is affected by anxieties, nerves, exhaustion or depression. When this happens, Bach Flower Remedies can help to re-establish emotional balance in a gentle and healthy way. They have a positive effect on our emotional intelligence, providing valuable support in dealing with the stress and strain of daily life.

The English physician Dr. Edward Bach was convinced that the causes of a variety of illnesses could be found in disturbances of mental equilibrium, and that certain plants have the ability to positively influence precisely this equilibrium.

With the development of 38 remedies from the flowers of wild plants, he created the Bach Flower Remedy therapy. Each one of Dr. Bach's flower remedies can be accurately allocated to a specific mental state, on which it can have a stabilising and harmonious effect.



In addition to the 38 flower essences, Edward Bach created a special combination of 5 individual remedies – the EMERGENCY-formula:

  • Star of Bethlehem – Flower of inner peace. 
    I breathe deeply, I let go and feel free”

  • Rock Rose – Flower of inner strength. 
    “I take courage, become calmer and gain confidence in myself”

  • Impatiens – Flower of inner calmness. 
    “I take my time, I am patient and relaxed.” 

  • Cherry Plum – Flower of relaxation.
    “I am calm, I open up and take things as they come.”

  • Clematis – Flower of alertness.
    “I am perceptive, self-collected and alert.”

This original Bach Flower remedy forms an addition to the existing 38 individual essences,

the No.39®.

It is specifically designed to provide help in emotionally challenging moments in daily life, such as exams, workplace demands, general anxiety, air travel and other stressful situations. 


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