Propolis –
Nature′s miracle cure

The basis for Propolis is collected by bees from flower buds and trees, and then enriched. The amazingly versatile natural product helps them in sealing their hives. This way, they can uniquely ensure the survival of the bee population. Even before modern science could prove this, people knew of the special effects of “bee glue”. By the time of the ancient Greeks or the Incas, propolis was already an important material for strengthening and caring for the body, thanks to its many important vitamins and minerals, among other things.

The knowledge of this highly efficient natural product, which has been collected and refined over thousands of years, creates the foundation for APROPOLIS – a new innovative product range developed for the health market by Lemon Pharma.

Whether as a spray, pastilles or chewing gum, all Lemon Pharma products are based on carefully chosen and high quality ingredients. So the “Organic Green Propolis” used in the mouth spray is more powerful than previous propolis and a certified organic product (through IMO Switzerland, No. 22422). It comes from a region with clear streams and wild flowers: the federal state of Paraná in south Brazil, known worldwide for its famous waterfall, Iguaçu.

The power of an intact and untouched nature is the foundation of products from APROPOLIS. Carefully tuned compositions care for an incomparable taste and a pleasant freshness. Propolis spreads like a soothing balm over the mouth and throat, which works particularly well if the mucous membranes have been slightly irritated by dry air or dust particles.

  • Gum Arabic Honey Thyme
  • Gum Arabic Eukalyptus
  • Gum Arabic Blackberry
  • Apropolis Chewing-gums Honey Thyme
  • Apropolis Chewing-gums Eukalyptus
  • Apropolis Chewing-gums Blackberry
  • Apropolis Liquid mouth spray
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